Mark Haase- Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

I've worked alongside Kissy and known her for over 10 years. She is passionate about helping others, and has dedicated her career to it. She genuinely listens to everyone's perspective and works hard to bring people together to create a better community for all. She will make a fantastic council member!

TakeAction Minnesota- Nonprofit Organization

“We are incredibly inspired by Kissy Coakley’s campaign and leadership,” said Elianne Farhat, TakeAction Minnesota Executive Director. “Kissy wants to take what makes Minnetonka a safe, supportive, and thriving community and make it accessible to everyone. As a leader at TakeAction Minnesota, Kissy has been a champion for criminal justice reform measures—including taking on Target Corporation to change their hiring practices. She will bring that same determination and vision to City Council—and will listen and lead with the people to make sure everyone in Minnetonka can live full, joyful lives.”

Women Winning- Nonprofit Organization

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Women Winning is proud to endorse Kissy Coakley for Minnetonka City Council, Ward 4. Kissy has been a community worker and advocate for decades and is passionate about supporting individuals and communities in tangible ways so as to better break down barriers and create better pathways to success. Kissy's experience collaborating with various community and local government agencies has prepared her for a leadership position in public service, which we are excited to see develop this year in Minnetonka!

DFL Senate District 48

The Senate District 48 DFL Central Committee voted unanimously to provide a “Resolution of Support” for Kissy Coakley. Kissy is in good standing with the Minnesota DFL and has our full support.

Derrick Banks- Former Minnetonka City Council Ward 1 Candidate

[Kissy] is not in our Ward so I am unable to vote but she has our support! Good luck in the election. I saw [her] announcement in the Sun Sailor this weekend. I appreciate Kissy taking this opportunity and I hope to see more diversity on the council to reflect what our city truly represents.

Jen Westmoreland Bouchard- Hopkins School Board Director

Neta Sofolahan- Potters House Church Bloomington, MN

When I look at our local government bodies, I often ask myself, “whose voices are missing?”. As a result of her lived and professional experiences, Kissy would bring a vital perspective to Minnetonka City Council. As a longtime Minnetonka resident like Kissy, I would feel well represented by her inclusive, engaged leadership style.

Kissy is one of the most realistic and down to earth individuals that I have ever met in my life. I love the passion that she has for people, she always give encouraging words to make you feel better, and she has made an impact in my life. She treats everyone she comes across with love and respect, she keeps a smile on her face even through her pain and she will fight for you to make changes happen.

Michelle Lee- Program Assistant with The Emily Program

Kissy has passion and tenacity. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and she believes in second chances. Kissy is a great friend, full of compassion and spirit. She would bring a fresh perspective and Minnetonka would be lucky to have her representing their citizens.

Simon Trautman- Richfield City Council Ward 1 Member

Jennifer Munt- Former Met Councilor

Kissy Coakley is capable, competent and loves Minnetonka. We need more leaders like her in municipal government. I wish her every success and hope to count her as a colleague in the fall.


Kissy will help us make Minnetonka a more welcoming community where everyone has a voice in decisions that affect their daily lives. She listens and hears people, she helps them turn pain into power.