About Kissy


Currently, Kissy is a domestic violence advocate through a local nonprofit organization, with which she has worked for the past several years. Through this role, she serves on the Multi-Cultural Committee for the City of Hopkins. Kissy is also a current volunteer serving on the Homeless Committee for the City of Minnetonka.

Kissy is married to Corinthian Coakley and has two adult children who graduated from Minnetonka High School. Her third and youngest child is currently attending Clear Spring Elementary. She and her family have lived in their home within Ward 4 of the City of Minnetonka for over ten years, since 2008.

Kissy graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Criminal Justice. She has consistently advocated for positive reforms to the criminal justice system throughout her involvement with the Second Chance Coalition and is passionate about helping individuals successfully transition after their sentences. This work, when done well, often has very positive overall impacts, such as increases in public safety as well as reduced rates of recidivism.

Since 2011, Kissy has worked on several different campaigns as a volunteer grassroots organizer. She is a former leader from the TakeAction MN Justice 4 All Campaign, where she helped champion a national movement that worked with Target Corporation in changing their hiring policies surrounding criminal background checks. Kissy has also worked on legislation to remove the criminal conviction question from both city and state job applications, which now requires any questions regarding past criminal convictions to wait until an official interview has been offered to any specific candidate.